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Not that my opinion matters (and this issue really hasn't affected me) but I wouldn't mind getting a reply in my WTB thread from a dealer if they have what I want.

The dealers forum is cool but it changes so regularly that it's hard to keep up with who has what. I also feel like some of the dealers have some random inventory so if I am looking for something a little obscure, I would welcome the post or PM.

The exception would be if I was clearly looking for something used or inexpensive that is readily available at retail. If I post a WTB for a 4500psi tank or a JT Flex lens, I know what retail prices are and I am probably looking for a cheaper option.

I can definitely see the justification for unwanted solicitation in the tech threads as Carter pointed out above.

So, I didn't really type anything useful in the last 5 minutes but I thought this was an interesting thread and I just wanted to participate
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