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Yup, it was on the old MCB and got lost when the server got canned. Most of the photo-reference I have is from Forest at PTP.

"Wild Satin Iguana". Green with black and yellow brush

"Ultra Gold". 24K gold plated. Reportedly only 1 ever made? Can anyone verify that?

"Alien" anno. One of the more rare patterns. I've also seen this called an "oil" finish on other markers.

"Lightning" finish. Reportedly only 6 made. The one I had was the cleanest one I'd seen surface. I have no clue how these were made. PTP didn't have any photos of them or much information about them when I contacted them for info. I've had a couple of anodizers say that this would have been impossible to produce in anno. Its possible that this is some kind of coating.

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this was in person.
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