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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Not to beat this to death but can we clarify what a dealer is? With the amount of folks who make custom parts and the amount of massive whoring that goes on here I think it's kind of gray.

For example, I semi-regularly make a few odd and ends and sell them off. I guess if it was my intention to continue to produce said parts (eg.. an infinite supply) then I should post a thread in the dealers forum. If it's a one time run and I'm just selling off the limited (small quantity) supply that I made it's ok to go in the general BST?
I would think so. For instance. You just made a run of the wood grips, maybe 5 sets or so, I don't see any issue with that being in the BST. The real issue is people selling stuff all the time and it spilling into non bst sections. If you don't have a continuous inventory, are not a dealer for other companies, and do not solicit outside of the bst you should have no issues.

Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
I am not a dealer so can I still make a few bucks shilling for those who are?

My real question is - Is it okay for me to mention that Titus or somebody sells a part? Sometimes this is in the WTB, but other times somebody will ask in another section and I point out that X sells that part. Is that a problem?
While it should be fine to mention to people that you can get part "A" from places X, Y, and Z, we should not be continually pointing to one spot. Additionally, if someone is always selling stuff as a store, dealer, or vendor, then they should spend some time making an inventory or something so people can find said goods instead of posting in countless threads outside of the BST. The entire issue is a lot of things were spilling over into non bst areas.

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