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GOG shipping and service review

Since some of us have started a new VIBE project,the resurface of Smart Parts now GOG,could not have come at a better time.

First off thank you to TITUS for bringing all this MAYHEM to us It was great picking up atleast one VIBE from the bulk buy.

One thing we never thought of was spare parts. I know there were some out there,but at a high price. Smart Parts went under.

Well SP came back as GOG and I had to email/call and check things out. I was assured that all the parts I needed were in stock. I was quoted a price and then sent a paypal billing statement.

I ordered on the 4th and 5th of Nov 2010. Given at least 2 days for process and the weekend I received my parts on 10 Nov 2010. USPS flat rate,which was even better. To me this is a great time line coming from the other side of the USA.

What I like the most about the service,I was able to talk with a person instead of a machine. Sure there was an answering machine while they were not open for the day,but that's normal with any business. What I liked was that I was not shuffled "from press this number to press this number and leave a message"

That's something I hate doing. I remember back when SP first started,you talked directly with the "Brothers". Hopefully that will all return again,atleast talk with a person and not a machine.

I hope that the new GOG site will begin posting up parts and prices. I figured what I paid for was worth it,and shipping was very low. However posting up pricing and pictures would be nice.

As of now I give GOG an 8 out of 10. Reason,web site is not completed and I never give a 10.


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