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Even if it is a 2 Ghz phone it won't always run at that. Just when it needs to. Or you can Root the phone and install some Over clocking app, and instead of over clocking, tell it to underclock at these events that you list...will save you battery life. But really, if you get a device that should use it to its fullest potential.

I see idiots all the time on android forums who don't like that on most phones if you are a power user you will only get a days use off one battery charge. So they cripple the phone anyway they can, turning off auto syncing and updating, turning off data sync, turning screen off til it's near impossible to see, all to squeek out a few more hours of battery life. It's stupid. If you buy a high end device, use it to its potential. It's like buying a $300K car and only driving it 20 feet then putting it away....just a waste
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