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Post PnueCocker version 2 A build thread

Ok guys,

This will be build thread as I work through my 2nd version of a Pneumatic cocker frame using Centerflag’s Uprising Frame.

My First Pneucocker 1 was based on Trilogy SF frame which easily lent itself to modification since it incorporated a pneumatic mini ram in the grip. The MSV2 replaced the solenoid which fired the ram which tripped both the sear and the 3-way at the same time.

As you can see the Uprising frame uses a similar concept but the linkages are slightly different. It uses a vertically mounted pancake solenoid to trip the sear/3-way linkage.

This frame was mounted on a halfblock BM cocker that I got here. It came with the 13bps board but I’ve never played with it (I still have the guts if anyone is interested).
With a bit of elbow grease the linkages look brand new. Here’s a layout of what I plan to do. The MPA3 will replace the solenoid which will be controlled by the MSV2. The frame will require some milling to get the parts in and hopefully I can get the timing right.
Stay tuned, I’ll update the thread here and on CC as I progress.

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Pneucocker Step-by-Step Build
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