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Originally Posted by rob373 View Post
Wow, this is just crazy talk. This is probably one of the best looks at zombies since 28 Days Later, and you all are freaking out because a few little things arent quite right. Give them some credit, as they do try (357 in the tank anyone?). You dont look at an emag and say "What the hell, that has a bunch of scratches on it, who would ever enjoy shooting it?" Instead you say hey, that emag has a scratch, but its still a friggin emag.
I'm with you pal...

This is some crasy *** talk: the show is awesome...

I remember someone complaining about "Harry Potter: the Order of the Pheonix" Saying it wasn't as good as the book. Really? Your imagination is better than the best a big budget hollywood movie can pull off? (given the limitations of script trimming and time) Really? Mine isn't...

I love this show man, it's truly awesome!
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