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Pumpers use both hands.
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Gun pending to tx aggie.

But just to answer the questions

Yes she is ready to go. I shot several folks with her just last weekend and also used WAY TOO much paint.

The thing in front of the pump handele is a clamp that serves as a forward stop for the itty bitty short pump stroke. When I got the gun this clamp was turned 180 degrees around the barrel but I found that I got more use out of the pa/autotrigger combination by inverting the clamp to allow better access to the front bottom of the pump. This allowed me to walk the pump with all my fingers. I did once shoot over the ball counter and scored 7bps with out even trying hard.

Thanks for the though shives but tx_aggie beat you to it. I do still hope we can meet sometime and shot some jello at one another. Maybe during Keenland's fall meet.
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