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Originally Posted by AlexH View Post
i dont even know what the teams

Earth Forces: Red Team
Soviet Forces (half of one team) Commander
American Forces (half of one team) Commander

Space Scouts: Blue Team
Watchers (half of one team) Commander
Searchers (half of one team) Commander

Two Teams “RED & BLUE” Each Team has two Commanders

Team War Machine will be one Commander Team
Crimson Aces will be one Commander Team

Lookinf for two additional teams. (If two cammanders are not available for each side, then we will run the game with one commander)

Interested team should contact Duncan at 813-480-2876 or e-mail at
Game info:
Orange County Paintball
1251 S.W.CR 13, Orlando Florida 32833
February 5th & 6th.2011
Duncans Games

Learn what the government did not want you to know!

Stolen from the Project Blue Book archives, the true events that took place at Roswell that forced the government to build the ultra secret Space Defense Center hidden far underground at the Facility known as AREA 51. Now this top secret site has become the catalyst for untold, unexplained, and unconfirmed activities by Forces not from Earth.

Now they have returned to complete the mission that the Advanced Forces pre-staged Watchers and Council Lords to prepare for the final assault.

Two nations that for years stared down the barrel of guns, and missiles prepared to put the world in a nuclear nightmare over political philosophies, now must join their two secrete security forces together to battle the Unknown power that has destroyed the two ultra secret sites.

The first to be destroyed the Ultra Secret Soviet Underground site at Merymask (an unnamed secret city in the frozen tundra of northern Russia. Followed 12 days later by a near nuclear type detonation at Area 51.

April 12, 1956
At 1233 Zulu an unexplained blast of power was reported to have struck earth in the far north region of the Soviet Union known only to a few select Soviet Party members. In an instant the vast underground complex with 23 levels underground lay in a pile of rubble. Only three people survived the attack. They would become the Pawns in the battle for Earth.

April 24, 1956
At 1233 Zulu a large blast that produced a mushroom type cloud but no radiation 70,000 feet in the air destroyed all surface structures of the complex known as Area 51. Undamaged however were the 20 and 21 levels that stored the secrets of the Roswell event.

Time Unrecorded In Space:

The 7 Mother Ships have been deploying hundreds of scout and assault vessels to the far side of Earth’s Moon. As the full moon approaches the Earth Lunar Orbit ships are arriving at seemingly un-important location on the Planet.

Time Present Day:
The Soviet and American top secret security forces are joined in a loose bond to battle the yet seen enemy that has with very little effort destroyed two complexes that took years to develop under the highest level of secrecy.

The Watchers select groups of earth like figures along with the battle ready Searchers are also joined in untrusting alliance to find, capture, and return the Key.

3000 thousand years ago a vast mother ship passed through the galaxy dropping off 12 earth like Watchers. One Watcher soon disappeared along with the Key. A vital link to the power of the Galaxy.
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