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start of a bkomaster f/s/t

what ie got here is my bko project that i dnt really wanna part with but need money at this point. board wires and internals are all stock. has a promaster trigger frame on it which has had a little milling and cutting to fit with the zeni 15 degree so the hard works done for that. hasa custom trigger on it that i set up. gun shoots grat it just needs a barb for the zeni 15 degree and the 2 oring idk which ones it takes so i shot it leaking and was still awesome.

upgrades- trigger
promaster trigger frame
zeni 15 degree asa
dye stickies

It needs an oring for the zeni 15 degree and a barb but im gunna be fixing both before its sent out

comes with an extraue feedneck a set of stock b2k4 grips and the oringinal asa

price- 55
forums i use(i have the same name)
PBNATION(54+ positive)
intimidatorowners(+1) feedback start of a bkomaster f/s/t ICD ECLIPSE BUSHY F/S/T

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