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Duckslide & Redux: a comparison

If you have never heard of the Redux or Duckslide, please go here first:

In addition to a review I intend to write about the Duckslide for the Phantom, I thought I would post a comparison with the upcoming Redux. I realize that some of the pros and cons are subjective. You may disagree with some parts, and courteous remarks are welcome and encouraged. Naturally, it was easier to review the Duckslide since I own one, and harder to "review" the unreleased Redux. Hopefully the comparison is relatively unbiased.

Visual enhancement. Duckslide on left. Redux on right.

Duckslide pros:
-Phantom under the hood
-Time tested design
-Very efficient
-Modular design. Numerous upgrades available
-Parts readily available, and should be for a long time
-Several air input options: Vertical air, Dropout changer, backbottle, bottomline, Hawaiian style bottomline
-Compatible with Phantom SC feeds
-Added weight over stock Phantom gives some stability
-Superb stock barrel
-Ability to use detent rings
-Grip options: .45, m16, Lonestar, Eurogrip
-.45 grip block allows use of standard wraparound grips
-.45 block accepts CCI T-stock
-Slide shifts sc feed forward at rest. Allows larger capacity feeds without interfering with mask.

Duckslide cons:
-Looks a bit tall with Phantom frame
-Tolerances seem a bit loose between Phantom and Slide
-3 screws to remove Slide
-Non-removable foregrip rail bulk
-Slow feeding. Balls drop much more slowly than SC Phantom.
-Aftermarket necessary for insert barrel
-Valve extends beyond the Slide at rest
-Learning curve to use/aim effectively
-Name requires lengthy history lesson, lol.

Redux pros:
-12 gram in grip, much sleeker setup than Phantom options
-Slam change in works
-Offset stock class feed, allows sighting down entire marker. Advantageous for pistols.
-Detachable foregrip rail. Lighter, modern look.
-Quickstrip pin ala Desert Duck
-Insert based barrel standard
-Claimed compatibility with Phantom internals
-One sleek "package" Better refinement?
-Slider trigger. Gives high-end look and feel. Is preferred by many.
-Slide rests flush with the back of the valve
-Compatible with upcoming Boxgun external components

Redux cons:
-Limited air supply options.
-Wider grip to accommodate 12 gram. Somewhat large for small hands? Does it fit standard .45 wraparound grips?
-Not yet "in the field" Still in testing.

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