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Fully furnished apartment Oneonta NY

Selling off all my furniture before I move.

Fully furnished apartment

ImageShack® - Living room table - $200 OBO
ImageShack® - Arm Chair - $25 OBO
ImageShack® - Arm Chair - $25 OBO
ImageShack® - Computer Chair - $80 OBO
ImageShack® - Couch 1 1/2 years old - $200 OBO
ImageShack® - Dresser - $90 OBO
ImageShack® - Wooden entertainment center - $180 OBO
ImageShack® - Nightstand - Free when purchased with anything else
ImageShack® - Small table - $50 OBO
ImageShack® - Kitchen - $80 OBO

The arm chairs are from the 1920's and are great for upholstering projects. The night stand is a bit newer but would look great when refinished.

If your interested in anything contact me ASAP.
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