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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
That was your girlfriend? Well, done sir

Josh, my plan is this:
-Freak bore my phantom to sell.
-Had a straight shafted barrel to get bored for low inserts (<.682). I have a Kaner kit, but it only goes down to .682.
-Now, I think I'm going to send my Matchstick barrel, from my RX, to O'dells to be bored. Ryan can't do outer contoured barrels. Then re-ano the whole thing so I'll have a couple of sleeper setups.
-Then deploy and not use any of it for a year.
I still want to get a Jav bored for freaks. Had to sell my last one 'cause I needed the money more than an extra barrel. Talked to T lats night and he's going to send my Freak back since APP has had it for nearly 3 months and done nothing with it.

Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
I SO want to offer on that! I Don't need another pump, I don't need another pump...

Originally Posted by ASKA View Post
Just a thought, I would have actually preferred a strong return spring with my CCM. Yeah, it's awesome to show off at the staging area, but I'm constantly accidentally cocking it while I'm running and and also cocking it with my barrel bag's cord. I don't know if that has ever happened to you guys.
Nah, I'm good at playing pump

Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
I MAY be able to make the scenario in Feb, but it would be for one day only. I can't guarantee anything until I hear if I'm gong out next month or not.
If you do, wanna car pool?

Originally Posted by M3r(uRy View Post
is the Feb 5/6th scenario going to be the next meet?
That's my Understanding.

I'm getting some nades done by Blackrain. What color do we want? I'm getting 10 unless you all think we need more.
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