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Holy **** guys 3 pages!

Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Where did you get a WWA back? I've been looking, but too cheap to shell out the $$ for a new one.
Keep your eyes on Ebay, WW just sold a bunch of stuff a week or two ago. Backs were going from 25-38 bucks. He seems to sell on there when he needs $ and you can buy safely there as opposed to his site. I need another of his backs.

Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
Can't look at that now but I'll come back to it for sure.

Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I'm getting some nades done by Blackrain. What color do we want? I'm getting 10 unless you all think we need more.
Same here, I talked to him about doing 15 for Tom and I so we have a few extras to practice with. I don't want any coming back at me lol.

Originally Posted by ASKA View Post
I guess since this is an orlando meet, It'd be either Duece or me. OCP is what all of us have agreed on. So it's just the scenario. I just don't think we'll get any pump on pump play in if we do the scenario.
Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
I thought someone was posting about playing somewhere in Orlando on the 8th of January?
That was probably me, Tom and I will be at OCP on January 8th for some pump play to familiarize with the fields better. Pretty much a chill day for us to practice for the scenario.

We're also doing the Scenario in Feb. For sure we're both doing Saturday, he may not be able to do Sunday b/c of work. If the turnout is good or you guys will also be there for Sunday I'll make the trip for the 2nd day too.
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