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But if tournament grade paint is so much smaller, then what? Obviously, the Piranha LB will be hopeless, not even having a ball detent to keep big paint from rolling out. Smaller paint won't stay in at all, and efficiency and consistency will be rubbish. Maybe you were telling me that anyway...that the Piranha might be a bit hard to get working to my satisfaction? But let's limit ourselves to the Phantom. I did receive a set of the ball detent rings for it, so I'm pretty sure I can keep even small paint from rolling out, all the way down to the gold ring at .670. But that doesn't address the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency problems of the huge bore barrel. How do I fix that? Does this Freak back or something like that exist for the Phantom? And if it did (and the pump handle fits over it, etc., etc.) are you saying that good paint and a good match (at the back, not necessarily over the length of the barrel) should make things should very straight?

Thanks for your help.

you can have your phantom barrel bored for freak inserts pretty cheaply see super_stanchy here on the forum
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