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ICE Epic reviews?

I've been asking for advice over in the New Players area about buying a semi marker to supplement my lightly-Palmerized Piranha LB and my Phantom VSC. To paraphrase, my priorities are, in rough order:

- Accuracy
- Reliability/Consistency
- Price
- Light weight
- Ability to run on CO2 until I can get HPA
- ROF (in other words, high ROF is basically my lowest priority)
- Quirkiness...I like unusual markers

After some searching around (and seeing this great video by cockerpunk about it), I'm interested in learning more about the ICE Epic. I'd especially love to hear the opinions of folks who have owned and used them for some time, so if you know someone with one of these, please tell them to come take a look and respond.

First off, do you guys (especially ICE Epic owners) buy the argument made over in New Players that any paintball gun can be very accurate if it's clean and has a great paint-to-bore match? If so, then I don't guess it's all that worthwhile to ask about the Epic's accuracy, since the answer will just be "get a Freak kit and a good barrel and you'll drive tacks." But let me know if you have another opinion.

My big reason for wanting to hear from long-time Epic users/owners is that the gun violates my "Price is a priority" rule, so I want to make damn sure that it doesn't violate my "Reliability is a priority" rule! I want to know how well it's held up under months or years of use. As a bit of an odd duck in the paintball world, it's not like there'll be dozens of airsmiths ready to work on it, nor will there be a ton of replacement parts available, nor lots of upgrades to add to it to make up for eventual faults. Therefore, I want to know in advance what it is I'll be getting.

So, let me hear from ya!

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