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E1 E Blade, Pro-Flex and more!

I do not ship first
You pay I ship
Paypal or post office MO
If under 18 parents must contact me
Prices are stated (USD)
post then PM please
Shipping not included unless other wise stated.

First are the gogles:
JT Pro-Flex red and black $30 SOLD
V-force Profiler Red $20

Next are some loaders and a body
Red Empire B with crown speed feed $35
Velocity loader with virtue speed feed and stock lid $35
orricle body drilled for eyes has lowers $30SOLD

Next is the E1 eblade complete and working, chrome is peeling as pictured $45SOLD
Virtue speed feed ultra soft for dye rotor $10.

James Newswanger | Team Crimson Reign

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