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While not a "long time" owner I've had an Epic for going on a year and I love it.

It actually bumped my Blazer out of its primary spot (which has been my go to marker for 4 years) after just one use.

Accuracy is pretty consistent with my 10" .689 CP and my .690 PPS.

But not really a gun to paint/bore match on unless you have the trap door pro kit that has a hook on the door that pushes the ball into the barrel then you might want to go with a mid gauge back. But overboring isn't a bad idea.

But I'm not too keen on noticing significant differences with accuracy between markers. I'm more over interested in how the marker feels than everything else.

Reliability wise, haven't had any issues with either of my Epics. Thou, I go with the, if it works don't mess with it approach. Doing the recommended maintenance, rather than tearing it down after every use. Consistency, Co2 +/- 7, HPA +/-5 so far with the new Epic, might change after more use.

Price, about the same hit to your wallet as a Blazer ($385 + new from ICE, be sure to set aside a several months for waiting) but used they still float around $300.

Weight, sits around the same as a mag.

Use CO2 yep, Anti siphon helps.

ROF: Decent trigger, feels like a Classic valve mag.

Quirkiness: Feels different from everything else I've shot.
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