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Thumbs up Eyes

Originally Posted by SpinDoctor15 View Post
Hey, that things blind as a bat! You should definitely get some eyes in there, unless you're going to be able to feed it nice and fast, then it likely might not matter...

Looks great though, we're looking forward to what you're going to do. Any ideas of where you're going to get it milled? Let Destructive Customs do the work?

You can get eyes for them no problem. Call Jared at Destructive Customs.
Problem is you cant get eye covers for 03's any more.
Jared doesnt have any and neither does Dan Voils.

I picked up a couple 03's on trades. I put SCM's and volumizers on them.
Sent them one at a time to Jared for tuneups and valve mod installs.
If you plan on keeping it I HIGHLY recommend the Robtown valve mod.
Vikings have very little kick but it cuts the kick in half (conservatively)
and the noise in half, making it more efficient.

He is on his 2nd batch of modded valves and they are going fast so if
you were planning on sending it in for and eye install or tuneup do it
soon and get the valve mod. Its definately worth the 155.00.
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