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Woodland Digital BDU's, if its warmer out, I'll skip the Jacket and where the Team Jersey Shirt.

Pair of loose shorts to protect the goods.

Proto Mask (now with 100% silent mask fan)

"Y" harness connected to 2" belt with 3 woodland digital spec ops Tri-Pod packs (1 each side and 1 back)

4 pods paint, 1 micro fiber cloth, spare 9oz in back (if vehicles are in play, remote line ready to use)

Tippmann A5, homemade Tac Cap, 416 shroud, folding adjustable stock, 3.5oz vertical, (RT soon, just need proper hoses and fittings), forward grip/bipod, and Gun Camera.

Arm mounted 2.5" LCD for use with gun camera.

If vehicles in game, Holstered Break Breach HAVOC with Palmers Stabilzer ready for remote connect.

Zippered Tactical boots.

Metadyne Pump # 1161

FS Custom 13/3000 Tank Covers Paracord $35
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