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Unibody Phantom, Blue/Black


I have a Unibody Phantom for sale. Price: $125 plus shipping

Blue Unibody with site pin
Drop out valve
New Feed Tube Fitting
New Main Spring (works with the dropout and shim)
New Main Spring (works with the backbottle)
New AntiKink Hammer Assembly
New Power Tube Assembly
New Valve Spring
New Grip Frame
New M-16 Grip and screw
New Front and Rear Thumb Screws
New Pump Return Spring and Washer
New Feed Port Cover
New Trigger Shoe
Used Pump and Pump Rod
Used Velocity Adjust Rod
Phantom Barrel Sock
Backbottle Valve Body (not shown, gloss black with holes for mounting a site rail)

The Unibody is in great shape considering it's age, anno is in good shape.

The valve stem has a shim on it so that it will work with the drop out valve, but it does not affect the operation. Should you change to backbottle later, the shim just slides off.

Payment: PayPal is preferred, Money Orders will work.

Trades: None at the moment, unless you have a set of Carter internals.

If you have any questions, please post, PM, or email me through the forum.

Thanks for looking.......

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