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I have run this setup for the last year and love it. Cant go back to full loader and large tank.

I primarly have run pistol the last three years but I always find one time in the all day events when a little more firepower would help. Enter the MiniMini as I like to call it. The loader is a 50 rd. Tippmann loader that I got from a local field and can not find anywhere else. I use 30rd. pods like the one in the photo to reload. I keep it on semi auto and I do have to give it a shake every once and a while to keep it feeding. Funny thing is it does not seem to happen as much anymore. I think I have just found a rythem with it.

I get 105-110 rounds ot of the 13ci tank. Plenty for my limited paint style of play.

I love the MiniMini and can not get away from it.
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