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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Ive been looking to buy one for quite some time now, but have had absolutely no luck reaching anyone at insight. I've emailed a couple times, and called numerous times, not once, by any means did i get i response.

Which is just truly unfortunate for me, because i would also like to buy an ICE Epic. If you have any luck, or information on how to buy one new please let me know!
Was trying to get another new one as well, haven't had contact since the 16th.

But that's been the pace so far, one reply a month. Even with the previous DV8 I've bought. But that only took 2 months to get out the door. But that was a simple "off the rack" option.

Been trying to get this current one since Sept. Apparently machine shops in his area are dropping as fast as the ones around here. And raw parts are not something he normally stocked. So I'm stuck until he gets a complete Raw Epic before he can send it to 125 for anno. Which is currently where we are now (waiting for 1 or 2 final parts then money can finally change hands and parts can be sent).

If you really want one new, go for the standard options and keep trying. But apparently my patience and trust surpasses what most people would allocate for such a transaction. But that's the nature of the beast.
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