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Originally Posted by Julien View Post
^ they havent done standard threaded airlines right for the sc stp...
That's a matter of perception. What they are threaded for may not be a U.S. 'standard', but may be the european standard pneumatic/hydraulic logic fitting. But, that is just semantics, if the parts were readily available, would there still be an issue? Is it that the 'Q-nectors' are just so troublesome that owners don't want to use them?
I'm speaking solely from a point of view which is unfamiliar with this part of the product; I have several friends who have this version, and have had trouble with the 'Q-nectors', but due to the inavailability of parts, couldn't replace leaky fittings, so were forced to modify their guns to use other fittings. This would be a moot point if they could obtain replacement parts, and Sterling and Janek seem to be willing to do just this; get the users what they need. Seems lie a 'win-win' for us.

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