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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
Looking forward to hearing about it. What ideas do you have cj? What do you think of the ideas above? I know this has been a project of your's as well.

MaD any pictures or more information on the AKA one? Was it for their cockers?
Ah, the old Tornado valve for the cocker. The cupseal essentially had a wide flange around it. The idea was that the air flowing from further back in the chamber would help the cupseal slam shut very quickly. The opposite approach was taken by the Maddmann Rocket valves - make the cupseal conical to impede the air as little as possible, and get the valve spring out of the chamber entirely.

You might be able to do a Nelson analogue to the Maddmann by sticking a wave spring between the retainer and the powertube flange - by moving the valve spring out of the valve chamber, you could go insane with volume reduction.
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