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got er did

Let me back up a bit. To start everything I drilled a 3/4" x.c. to get a vert asa for a reg. Then I spec.'d the valveport at the cupseal to be .250. Next I drilled the port from the asa to the valve .250 to match. Followed by drilling the reciever transfer port and 9 oclock valveport w/ a #7(.201), capped the receiver w/ a 1/4-20 setscrew. I then capped the 3 unused valveports, lightened the hammer and drilled the bolt out to 5/16(.3125) and cupped it. So the bottleneck is exiting the valve. After this it goes cyclic if I hold the trigger. But I know better.

So I was really stoked to try this valve mod and I had some "gubment" time at work last night, so I did it. I ended up drilling 2 ports w/ a #2 centerdrill and a 1/16" drill.

NO CO2..... CRAP.

Well heres pics anyhow... more in the picture thread as well.
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