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couple questions about ccm's

i was thinking about ordering a t2 and had a couple questions
what is the difference between a t2 and the new s6.5?
i see a couple places on ebay that sell them one being the ccm store and the other one does perorders.
is it cheaper/possible to call the company to order?
for what these are posted for in the b/s/t it seams silly not to just buy a new one and get the warranty and pick a color combo right?
any recomendations on setup wouuld be appreciated. i think i like the thin 45 or 86 grip i dont need it to be stock class. the t-handle looks comfy. and ill be using co2
one more thing. im a lot more comfortable w/ a stock phantom than an undercocker because they are so flimsy (at least the 2 kits ive tried)
i assume the pump handles are real stable?
thanks for the help.
i think i can just about swing one of these.
this big tranformer came through a town like 30 miles from my hometown!!
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