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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
I thought you knew about the 12 gram changer problem. Hell I thought that was the reason you sent it back to KEE.

Well it looks like I'll be trying that dream mod after all lol.
No, mine was leaking from the pierce seal when it was cold, that was all I cared about. And as for the launching being a "problem"... Well, my DSG doesn't have ANY clips and I haven't managed to kill anyone with a 12g yet... This is another case of trying to make something idiot proof when we all know someone will come along and find a way to be a better idiot. The whole point of a leverchange is a lightning fast CO2 change, if they were going to do this they might as well have abandoned the lever, saved some weight and gone with a Zeus-style screw-in plug. So pissed right now...
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