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Originally Posted by Phoenix01 View Post
Reading about you guys shooting 12 grams and watching them fly reminds me of an incident that happened at the shop a long time ago. Some Sunday a long time ago, Dad and I were using the cutting torch for some project outside of the shop doors. I don't know exactly how it happened, but the dolly that we keep the full size bottles on got knocked over. In the fall the regulators both busted and sent the bottles and dolly torpedoing up the sidewalk. Thank god the bottles were almost empty when this happened otherwise we could of had a serious problem on our hands. Fortunately nobody was hurt.
Wow that was really lucky that they were almost empty
Full size tank rockets>12g rockets
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Long ago I coined the term Shiney Object Syndrome or SOS for short as a notorious wallet debilitating disease. Nowhere is it so alive as here at MCB.
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I'd sell any other possessions, property, children, extra organs or sexual services before I'd sell my paintball gear. Hell, I'd sell other peoples property before I sold my gear
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