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did you provide proof that you shipped the first tank ever? no. first, the post office "messed up" and "shipped it back to you." you even offered to put $5 in the box to make up for it. then they "lost it" when you reshipped it. you failed to provide proof for either of the transactions with a receipt, let alone a tracking number like was requested. when you finally sent me a tank in a box post marked january 10th, it was the exact tank pictured above, the supposed "lost one" from a month before. now to get refunded i have to send back two tanks? if i were to send back the only one you actually sent me and failed to produce the other imaginary tank, i have a feeling my refund wouldn't have come through. like i would have wanted. nice try. take a picture of your other two tanks that you still have with today's newspaper and post it up. if you hadn't been so hard to get a hold of or offered a shred of proof that you sent anything other than the tank pictured above late, this wouldn't have been an issue and I would be apologizing to you. but you never did any of that. text message is a real pain in the *** to work out problems like this, though i sent many. emailing me back would have been a nice touch too.

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