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remember, the first one screwed up twice supposedly. do you have your receipts from shipping either time? tracking is less than a dollar and it keeps this from happening... i've done so much business on here, pbn and ebay... why am i trying to scam you for a $90 tank? i have been receiving plenty of packages with no tracking number, and i hate it every time because those are the only ones that I ever have problems with that can't easily be fixed. that's why I said "please send me tracking when you ship." i would have had no problem shipping the tank back first had things not been so fishy. i am currently shipping first on items that far exceed the value of your tank. the difference there is the people stay in communication AND do what they say they will do. you just never did any of what you said you would do in a timely fashion.

the mysterious post office problems that you had were eerily similar to lies i've been told in the past... i never believed any of it, and usually it plays out fine because it's just somebody screwed up and sent it late. but when the exact tank pictured in the sale arrived with a january 10th postage stamp, it got really fishy when you wouldn't drop that you had sent an identical tank that you have two other copies of as well... please, prove you have the other two tanks at least by posting them together in a picture with some dated material. and if you can scan the two receipts from shipping before on the days you shipped it that would be nice too. i'm assuming you kept that documentation since keeping everything in writing is such a big deal to you... find a credible witness to back you up... anything...

provide any information that backs you up other than a text message giving your word and i'd be glad to work something out with you still. i'm just tired of nothing working for two months straight on a deal... And you have my word that if your first tank ever comes in that i will send it back to you, even on my dime as an apology for doubting you providing you do something to prove yourself. so there you have it... since i'm such an idiot for thinking that you could possibly scam me, back up your story a little more than what you have. enlighten me. until then, quit whining about what an ******* I am.

oh yeah, please post up our pm correspondence just so people are clear what was said. i already posted what I had for public record in my feedback responding to your claims. but just so there is no confusion, please post your side here, too. thanks. --trey

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