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Originally Posted by OSG Paintball View Post
I really see absolutely nothing in common between Pantera and Holy grail. Holy Grail is awesome, but Pantera is...Pantera. It's like comparing Ozzy to Sevendust...just wrong.

It's crazy how peoples taste in metal is so different. I personally feel the other 2 bands I posted are way better than Holy Grail yet everyone here digs Holy Grail haha. I posted them on another forum and I got the same exact response. It's cool though as long as people find new music they like and I can supply it I'm happy about it!
your going to get that since i do not like 75% of black and death metal. since hate growls. comes down i can not hear what singer is singing . your also going get people that are not liking half metal out there but liking early years only from mid 70's to early 90's where it was glam heavy metal power metal speed thrash metal only. with out liking new heaver style play with growls not many people love growls or super fast of death/black metal style.
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