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You have probably heard of them, but Machine Head is one of the best metal bands out there, great vocals and really good music, they are awesome live. I gotta toss in Lamb of God cause they are pretty much my favorite band, but they are more on the garglin drino sided, but not screachy, you can understand the vocals. A band I also like, I like looking for female vocalists that don't suck farts, is Straight Line Stitch, that chick can sing and has a great sounding voice overall, IMO the best female vocalist in metal right now.

I like good powerfull vocals even if they are screaming all the time, as long as it is understandable and not screachy, I hate screach metal. I agree, there are lots of bands out there w/ serious face stomping instrumentals in their music, but most vocalists suck hard.

Added: you can't really compare anyone to Pantera, they were pretty much the kings of great Metal and will remain the kings for a long time, there isn't anyone out there now who can touch them, I can think of maybe one band but they need to release about 4 more good albums to get pretty close. Comparing annyone to Panters is like comparing gravy to brocolli, you may like brocolli, but evreyone loves gravy.

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