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One year later, CCM marker is still the greatest

It's now been a year since I bought my first CCM marker from Mel. It's a gorgeous S6 with a 45 grip, complete barrel system, two feed necks, inline reg and on/off ASA. It's easy to love a paint marker during the first few months, but after a year's worth of play, I love my CCM S6 even more now.

Function has been absolutely flawless. I set the velocity the first time I used it last spring, and I have NOT TOUCHED IT SINCE. I've never experienced such consistency in a marker. The pump action is an absolute dream - silky smooth, with a fantastic AT. Equipped with a Winchester 50 rnd hopper and a small HPA tank, the S6 is light and maneuverable.

Mel also designed the colour coordination for me. Mostly gloss black with a few, tasteful parts of red. A year later, the colour combination hasn't become dated, it's still as understated and beautiful as ever.

Best customer service ever: Mel. Best marker I've used in 19 years of paintball: my CCM pump. It's a keeper, I'll never sell it.
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