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Well did some more sorting, and seeing no one else is going to post pics. **cough** BigOldSkool **cough**

Here is some other stuff I found.

Here is a pic of the speed stock on a phantom being held.

Every guy needs these. Got to save your balls.

This has been copied by so many places but this is a true Taso Possum's Tail Squeegee. Home of the paintball packing possums.

Smart Parts gas through stock.

Smart Parts battery tester for the battery packs on the shoe box shockers.

NSG Rapid Charge Block for the Splatmaster line of guns.

Quick Draw II, you put the long parts onto 2 co2 tanks and the short part went into the gun. With 1/4 to 1/2 turn you could take off/on your tank.

Note the black has a safety notch like the cap for the TPX so if there was a lot of air in the gun the bottle would not go flying. The blue one does not have the safety.

AGD Sharp Shooter short style.

Well that's it for now, thanks for looking.

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