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UMS Tac-Tib MkII

Although these guns don't lend themselves to modding very easily, I still am very intrigued by them and have a few more ideas in the back corner of the Underground Shop...

Answers to q's before you post them:

Yes, I will build one for you.
No I don't have it priced yet.
It requires one hole drilled/tapped in the upper receiver and slight milling of the lower receiver, as well as a lot of hand fitting and milling on the shroud/rail assembly.
The Tactical Tiberius Lower Rail from the UMS will also fit (just didnt' have one built on hand to show)
It's constructed out of aluminum, no plastic/airsoft is used at UMS.

Any other q's, feel free to post up. I'll have pricing soon.

The pics didn't turn out as nice as usual due to extreme sun... It looks much better in person
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