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Okay, I know this is a bit of a necro post, but its easier than explaining everything again. Its cold and school is started again so I play very intermittently but I am going to the feild this saturday for sure so here it goes. So I got the new reg piston, and the gun was not leaking between about 200 and 290 fps, so I chronoed at 260 and played no problem for about 4-5 hours. This was in the snow, and at a couple points snow got down the barrely and caused some barrel breaks, and one time the whole gun took a dive into a bunch of powder. I played on for about an hour more, and it started leaking out the back and down the barrel again. Upon further inspection paint broke somewhere between my hopper and my barrel and caused everything to be coated in paint. So I went home, cleaned my gun completely and gassed it up and it is still leaking. Any ideas? at this point should i just buy an lvl 10 oring kit and replace everything?

EDIT: and I have no shims currently
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They probably talk to the guy at my field that pours mineral oil down his barrel to lube his marker.
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