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This thread needs to be stickied.

I'll post my rig tomorrow. I gotta give huge thanks to GodzHate (also known as Pistolz here or Sin on UMS) for replacing pretty much my entire rig.

EDIT: Heres my rig:

And in the pockets:
A battle swab and a pair of extra 12 grams

And six 10 round tubes for refills

And for the details:
RAP4 Vest (old style - Velcro front not MOLLE front)
Blackbird (Tiberius rename) Holster
Blackbird (Tiberius rename) Magazine Pouch (used for the 10 round tubes)
Tiberius drop leg Tri-Mag holster
A pair of Full Grip gloves (work beautifully - outstanding grip especially when paired with the GodzHate grip)


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