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I figured I'd post this question here, since it's closely related to the original topic.

I've heard that the newer 'cockers don't handle unregulated CO2 well. Something to do with the valve/spring setup. Is there any truth to that at all?

The reason I ask is I'm planning on getting an autococker/sniper for my oldest daughter. She's going to start playing next season. I want to start her off with a pump first so she can concentrate how to move rather than how fast she can shoot. And I'm thinking that it would be better to just use a marker that can be upgraded as she grows.

I just got a 3.5 oz tank and want to be able to just put that directly into the vertical ASA to keep the marker a bit lighter for her. So I need to know if I'd have to do anything to allow the tank to be directly on there. Especially when the pneumatics get put back on for her when she's ready to play semi.

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