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New to this thing labeled the Virtual Machine

I got one of these beasts of a gun for free from my lil bro who didnt want it a couple of years ago. I just pulled it outa the garage cuz a couple of guys at work want to go paintballing and me being cheap like i am said to myself, "self you have a paintball gun u can probably make work, who cares if its old as long as its still acurate". Ive already reduced the hammer's wieght and cupped the bolt, i am curently trying to reduce the trigger pull on it and have fabed a wire ajustable stock for it(pics to come once its a done deal), now all im looking for is a few parts or another 68 to play around with i have a brigport mill and 3axis cnc, and lathe at work with a good machinist behind them and me willing to learn how to use them i would like another body to mill down and customize like all the customs u see floating around the internet and on which has pretty much saved the life of my vm cuz i was gonna sell it untill i saw the empire and what ppl were doing to them. any help spare parts or advice would be greatly welcomed.
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