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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
I was always told that the bench press with barbell was bad for your shoulders and back?

Anywho, I am 6'4" and 185 lbs. I am not lanky by any means (though I think I am actually pretty light for my height?), I just have nothing but lean muscle on my legs, upper back, shoulders and my arms. I have a little bit of weight left on my stomach/chest/lower back that I am trying to get rid of.
unless your Asian (smaller bone structure), your very lightweight for someone who lifts. I am 6'2" and around 206lbs and have similiar forearm weakness problems. i am lucky to always have a spot though. but when i max out with 85lb dumbells i tend to twist my wrists alittle and get sketchy on rep 5 or 6. i just fight through it and make sure to lift my forearms to help out.

also bench with the bar is amazing. you will hear running is bad for your knees, curls are bad for your joints, deadlifts can damage your lowerback, squats can damage you back, ect ect. you can trip on a jumprope and break your nose. 90% of strong men that I have seen incorporate a flat bench and bar into their chest workout, man up and ask someone for a spot to put up some serious weight. If your lifting by yourself dont put the clamps on and if you bottom out just push the weight to one side on the floor. the bonus is no one is there to see you **** up.

but if you stick to your same old routine you will get the same old results. good luck man.
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