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Pistol chest rig.

My rig has been the culmination of several different attempts at finding the right balance. It's always going to be a work in progress for me. It all started with Scout's starter setup. Many have seen his video on our Youtube channel on setups and pistol play, and I' sure he'll chime in on this.

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My first setup try with running two Zeus'es. Pretty much a pipe dream, not enough paint and pistol two was a waste and would bump me in the chin.

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So enter setup number two. Bye Bye silver Zeus, enter TPX(soon to become a debacle) I could carry 100 round pods int he front Ak pouches or 9 ten round tubes in each. The dual 40 mike mike grenade pouches held TPX mags great and sprung them up for an easy grab. Bad part-The let water and humidity in and the TPX was wasted, such as the first 30 minutes of MI monster game 2009. This setup was first but it forced me to go back a design for Global Conquest 2009:

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I had hopes my TPX would be there in time but it wasn't to be.

So I moved on. After fighting with a TPX and rocking a Zeus that still pulls down 33-35 shots before gasout. I said forget mag fed and went with a double triple shingle setup with a high chest shingle for 10 round tubes a whopping 420 in tubes. Played Tippmann world challenge like that but realized two things. I could shoot that paint out completely and did several times over the weekend and it kept me out too long without taking a break.

So I shortened up the amount of tubes and added two cut down to 70 round pods for reloading time in the field. What really happened was I topped off electro running kids that were dead out of paint, so they could do the stupid things I knew I shouldn't do.

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So now it's come to this.

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One thing for sure, Condor Outdoor gear rocks. I took the triple double shingles and cut one off each instead of buying new. Got the Molle 12 grams from a pistol on Ebay that was filled with extra unlisted gear. Brought back the Warsensor holster because it carries just about any pistol. Kept the high chest shingle for quick reloads and put on a small admin pouch. The gadget pouch holds whatever I need at the time and a HHR radio pouch will complete it.

I like the placement of the tubes better and the front part of each shingle is lower so 8 round tubes fit great. Roughly 300 rounds of paint and I can carry a pistol if I want to play pump or do some other job. I have a pb mafia dump pouch and a knock off Chinese one for on the belt and the rig should works great for a Zeus. I played with a VSC Phantom in it and will most like run some form of modified new Trracer as well int he very near future.

I like flexibilty and decided to dump my other stuff save for a Special Ops bag for a Tac ten vest. Yea, its a pint lugging piece of gear but with the addition of dual right and left holsters, I can carry way to much gear into whatever I need. I show a few photos, but it's in transit to me right now.

BTW: all the gear was ACU, but in the north county, it just doesn't work. So a few sessions of Idye for 100% poly/nylon and I have a nice green hue.

It's come down to pretty much Condor gear. It's strong takes a heck of a beating and the rigs are sized to fit big lugs like me.

Here's the list;
Shingles hold 10 round tubes-remove the AR mag pull and retie the bungee tighter to make a separate spot for each of the 3 tubes in each mag slot.
The double AK/triple AR pouch holds 9 tubes or 100 round pods and will hold two tubes in the front separate section with each pod.
12 ga pouch holds 12ies but cut slits in the bottom for the small ends to point out of to allow it to close easy.
40mm pouches hold TPX mags as long as the humidity isn't too high. The rest of the pouches find different pouches here and there. Tib mags seem to be a problem with there weight but a more specific pouch for them would probably be better.
The pistol brigade has been formed:

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