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ForeverSpyder's "I'm back... Now I'm leaving" Sale! Lotsa guns, parts and projects!

Well howdy everyone. I'm here to sell pretty much everything I own paintball related except a few treasures of mine. I still love the sport but I rarely play and haven't even taken apart a gun in over a year let alone tinker with it.

I left this forum and my paintball habits over a year ago to work more on school and my other hobbies. So please forgive me if my lingo and know how is really bad, I seem to have forgotten everything! And that includes prices, so I'm doing research and pricing them as fair as I can but feel free to banter me if they're too high! lol

Anything priced "shipped" is the price you'll pay me to ship that sucker to your door via standard USPS shipping anywhere in the continental US.

I accept and prefer Paypal. I have done money orders before, but unless you have a really good rep on this forum, I'd have to wait for the payment to clear before I ship.

Questions, ask away, offers, offer away. Don't think I'll get offended or annoyed. Want more pictures/details on something? No problem, ask!

Only trades I will accept are those camera related. I'm looking for superzooms, beginner DSLR's, and if it's the right type might go for a regular point and shoot. (might also consider camcorders, and SD cards)

Stingray lot Should be enough for two stingrays plus extra internals, except only one barrel. One is brand new looking, other has some rust. I remember at least test firing the new one, and it wasn't leaking. Who knows now though. Interesting story, I planned to make this clip fed, had a pretty interesting design and never got around to it. Not that you care, but everything has a story to it $30 shipped for the lot.

Large lot of Spyder parts. Includes everything in the picture. Will not part out. Will eventually split into smaller lots if it doesn't sell.

(high res)
I can't make a list right now, would take too long. But if you have a question about a certain piece, be sure to ask! Will add more smaller parts to the lot as I find them (internals, other small parts) $70 Shipped Flat Rate anywhere in the US of A.

Slotted striker and rounded valve pins for Spumps. I know the cleaner cut one works for sure, but I cannot remember if I cut the other one long enough! Been too long and I have no Co2 to test anyway. But seems right lining up with the other. Will also include a third Valve pin that was JB welded like the rest, not sure if that one works either. $20 Shipped for the lot.


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