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Thanks Agentsmith, I have to say we've all picked up good ideas from such a legendary player at HSI. People forget that you can play with a volume of fire and accuracy coupled with mobility. I carry a lot of paint because i paid to play, shoot at people and get plenty of practice at the same time. I'm working on a light rig in a belt style with a Condor battle belt, dump pouch, a warsensor pouch for 12ies, and probably some shingles for tubes.

The chest rig is great for bulk carry but I personally think a belt is best for light and fast.
My style continues to tweak to fit me the best. Pistols generally remain the same in rof and action, and gear needs to develop in order to make for effective play when facing down the average player. And it's about style, everyone has their own style and really, it's good to have some flair when going pistol against players touting (insert common semi/electro marker choice here) when every fifth player at a big game has one.

To think, nothing has more flair than to be stuck in Castle Roc by a window getting pounded at 20 bps, and when the player gets bored dumping a hopper at it, you pop out and hit his hopper when he is BS'ing to a ref. Then you call out to Magnum Han who's also reffing and was just shooting the breeze you and he finds the hit in front of the other ref and calls the player dead. That's some personal pistol pride.
The pistol brigade has been formed:

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