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Tarantula'ed Viking (03 halfmill)

Here is my half-milled 03 Viking. Got the tarantula body milling, bolt milling, noid pocket milling, tray milling (to match the tray's width to body's new width), frame milling, and polishing after it's all said and done.

pics don't do it justice. most of the "imperfections" on the polished area are from smudges.

still to do -
- find somebody to anodize it.
- make a thin tray
- make wiring harness so i can use it on an angel board
- mount a cobra fierce frame to the thin tray and mate both to the body
- anodize

12/29/2010 - shipped to Tarantula
12/31/2010 - received by Tarantula
2/4/2011 - shipped out by Tarantula
2/7/2011 - received by my post office and sat there. grrrr.
2/19/2011 - called post office and picked it up.

Jan/Feb 2013 - finally finished this project. got a jig saw and made a thin tray. drill a bunch of holes so the fierce frame would fit. had to do a bunch of grinding to make a cavity for the noid since it sticks out about 1mm from the bottom of the body and i didn't want to crush the noid.

current setup -
- Magno'ed valve - removed valve spring and super glued magnets to end of plug and cup seal. will have to measure LPR
- Angel Cobra Fierce Frame - Predator board. make a JST to Molex adapter so I can flip back to WAS board and old set up if needed.
- Blue eyes
- pics at bottom of this post

Jan/Feb 2013

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