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FloryPB Phantom one piece feedtubes and cci cram and jams

Just finished making the first run of cram and jams. They sit low on the body and fit the newer style tubes snuggly. Come with mounting screw which is the same as the screw used for the cci feed blocks. I can offer these in both raw polished aluminum and brass

Three styles available currently.
Angled front
Classic front
Feyd Spike and the strange Feyd Spike

Aluminum: $30 shipped
Brass: $40 shipped

These feedtubes are 10-12 round (can make smaller if desired) and are designed to be one piece with a very low profile. They are offered in polished aluminum and can be custom ordered in brass (no stainless yet guys). I have come up with some basic styles but no two tubes will be identical I have made these to be able to be made in small batches but still have each piece be unique. They include cci feedgates and the same 8-32 screw supplied by cci so replacements parts are very easy to get.

Price Aluminum: $45
Price Brass: $90
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