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Post your gym workout plan

Just wondering if anyone out there would be willing to post their workout schedule aka. which machines, now many reps and sets..etc. Im trying to get back into weights and such, problem is all ive been doing at the gym is running alot and im not sure where to start on the weights, theres just too many machines there to split between all of them, i really dont care much about leg exersizes, i can leg press more than enough, just chest and some of my upperbody is lacking.

I have major problems when two hands are involved with lifting weights (bench press, 2x dumbells) my balance with them sucks, i can jump on the bench machine to try it out and do 150-200 pounds ok for about 8 to 10 reps but when i jump on just the regular free weights im lucky if i can manage 100 pounds.

Just hoping this thread can mabey help eachother out with exersize plans, im seriously having a hard time staying motivated, i can only manage about 2 or 3 weeks at the gym before i spaz out and have to do something else like video games again or something lol.
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