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Apr 16-17 '11, Spring Pump Event Bloomington IL

Start the season off the right way! SPE '11

Open play both days on 6 fields covering over 100 acres, everything from speedball to massive wooded bushball fields.

Sunday the infamous "Screaming Chicken" luck-of-the-draw tournament.

Hosted at Sudden Impact - McLean, IL

Camping group stays at Kamp Komfort 1-309-376-4411

Here are more details! and HERE!

Same place, same rules. Prices, info, and the dirt will be coming soon

Entry price $10 per day

No pre-regs this year! show up and play!

Raffles and prizes again? YES

Crazy fun? HECK YES!

Saturday: Open pump play from about 9am until.... 5?

Sunday: Open pump play and the now infamous "open draw, limited paint tourney"
40 rounds per player (no matter team size)
"The screaming rubber chicken flag at the fifty"

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