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Here's the painfull story....This Vm-68 was never cleaned. Sludge cause the oxidation on the bolt. The is what happens to the stock bolts if you don't clean and grease you vm after every play, especially if you have a lot of down time in between plays.

The hammer came out the marker like this when I got it. He supprheated the hammer to see if the pin would loosen but couldn't get a good grip on it to really pound it out. So he tossed this hammer and the vm in a bucket. His garage roof developed leak and he used the bucket with the vm to catch the rain water. His nephew is in the MBoB. He recently came out with the MBoB to play. He saw my VM and offered to trade his VM for a custom 98 from me. I agreed to help him out.

When I got this VM it was all together and pretty bad. The body is oxidized on the outside to the point that the anodized tiger stripe is practically gone. The inside is pitted in the top tube.

Oh and the detent crumbled to powder in my finger tips.

Serial number is 4239.

To be honest, I have seen some crusty, dirty-assed vm-68s in my life. This particular Vm is the worst I have ever seen. Yup. This ought to be pretty interesting to fix and with no real replacement parts either :-( .

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