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Originally Posted by Wycke View Post
Actually, the stock WGP composite frames (the older, single-hole-grip-panel style) are actually my favorite frame ever. They're surprisingly durable, cheap (so if they do wear out, they're easy to replace), and easily modifiable (adding set screws, etc). The newer 45-style frames are among the crappiest frames around. The material is entirely different from the older style frames and is a fairly brittle plastic. They're thick enough that the brittleness doesn't really matter that much, but one good WHACK against a hard surface (not intentional, of course) can crack it clean in half.
I agree, I switch between that and my frame that has polished internals and set screws to take out slop. I like the both, gives a completely different feel.

That and you can occasionaly find single hole wood grips that are comfy for very cheap since there are only a few markers it will fit.
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